Umtopfen und Schalenwechsel bei einer Satzuki Azalee var. Korin, an der ich schon einige Jahre für Bonsai-Satsuki Hans Herber arbeite. Die neue Schale mag etwas gross für den Baum erscheinen. Grundsätzlich ist es bei Azaleen für die Gesundheit immer ratsam eine etwas größere Schale zu wählen. Gerade auch da die Sommer aktuell relativ heiß sein können.

Repotting and changing the pot of a Satzuki Azalea var. Korin, which I have been working on for Hans Herbert for several years. The new pot may seem a bit large for the tree. Basically, it is always advisable to choose a slightly larger pot for azaleas for health reasons. Especially because the summers can currently be relatively hot here in Germany.

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This is one of the two trees I brought for my customers to the Trophy show in Belgium .
After 7 hours of driving finally arrived fortunately without frozen streets as it was previously said.
Many probably do not know that this Satsuki var. Kakuo is relatively rare in this size and quality. Also the more natural style of this tree makes it special. I have been working now more than 6 years constantly on this tree and im now happy that it was accepted for the show.
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