Heute einen Pinus sylvestris Chuhin umgestaltet.

Today redesigned a Pinus sylvestris Chuhin.

Today I have worked in my Studio a Pinus Sylvestris I bought 2 years ago from a customer. The aim was to lighten the tree to show the beauti of some branches and more naturalness. A few photos are from the work on a Jin I brought with a wire in a better position. The tree is as far as I know collected 20 years ago .

A great day in the Shunkaen, I’m back here after two years.

Today we had a lot to do with loading and preparing the trees for the taikanten. Also preparation for the big party at the evening. The celebration of Osamu Fukudate’s sakufuten prize, as well as Hiroyuki Suzuki’s wedding, Jin Jasufumi’s…

Demo tree a Pinus sylvestris.
I did today at the national bonsai exhibition in Kroměříž in Czech Republic.
Thanks to Josef Valuch that I could work on his tree. The tree will be part of his project 100 pines.
Also thanks to Vaclav Novak for the invitation and thanks to Jan Culek for his good…