Demo tree Of the first day at the Tantai exhibition in Vitoria. Thanks to Sam for his great assistance.

Fagus silvatica in my garden. A tree i collected several years ago.

The second tree of a customer, which I am also very pleased about, a Forsythia intermedia won two prizes. The Tree was nominated by the Bonsai Trophy and got the Bonsai Art award. This tree is also a rarity as it has been a European forsythia from a garden shrub for over 25 years. The tree has been with me for some time to prepare it for the 20 Years of Trophy show and to bring the whole display together and make it bloom. At this place again a thank you to all who made the Trophy possible.

Preparing and repotting a Shitakusa for a client tree I will exhibit at the Bonsai Trophy in Belgium. #shitakusa #kusamono #brosebonsai #grammingpots #gaultheria

Demo tree (Juniperus Sabina) from yesterday’s bonsai regio Württemberg event in Germany.

Demo tree a Pinus sylvestris.
I did today at the national bonsai exhibition in Kroměříž in Czech Republic.
Thanks to Josef Valuch that I could work on his tree. The tree will be part of his project 100 pines.
Also thanks to Vaclav Novak for the invitation and thanks to Jan Culek for his good…